UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey (GPS) Mosaic - DR7

The main window below displays a 6 billion pixel (1 arcsec pixels) mosaic of the GPS (centre: l=52, b=0 (109 > l > 0 ,360 > l > 355 and -2.5 < b < +2.5). Use the controls in the main window or the mouse (click&drag ) to move around the image and zoom in and out. Click on the small images on the left to move to that point in the mosaic.

Reset Mol 107 : l=56.2533, b=-0.1601 W51, SuperNova Remnant : l=49.5372, b=-0.3946
GAL 048.93-00.29, HII (ionized) region : l=48.9222, b=-0.2840 GLIMPSE-C01, gobular cluster : l=31.3011, b=-0.1046 HH83, HII (ionized) region : l=12.8067, b=-0.2218
Galactic centre : l=0.4056, b=-0.1446 Galactic centre : l=359.4011, b=+0.0654 Galaxy in region of extinction : l=86.4753, b=+0.1438
[KC97c] G085.2+00.0, HII (ionized) region : l=85.2483, b=0.0160 [BDB2003] G085.06-00.17, Cluster of Stars : l=85.0675, b=-0.1654 3C 423 : l=83.9378, b=0.7821
CYG X FIR 33, Young Stellar Object : l=81.8697, b=0.7771 DR 21, HII (ionized) region : l=81.6844, b=0.5374 IRAS 20376+4109, HII (ionized) region : l=80.9381, b=-0.1282
IRAS 20333+4102 : l=80.3586, b=+0.4496 SH 2-106, HII (ionized) region : l=76.3822, b=-0.6207 Reset
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Other versions:
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Details on the mosaic and its construction
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Credits: The underlying blocks used to construct the mosaic were made using TERAPIX software, namely SWarp and STIFF (Emmanuel BERTIN).